Brooklyn Label in Greenpoint, BK

The crew headed out to Greenpoint and had a nice (ahem, ahem) boozy-less brunch at Brooklyn Label, 180 Franklin Street. Find them at

Brooklyn Label, Greenpoint

Overall, the space is great, the food was fresh and innovative, the hipsters tending table were attentive, and.... well, they sold whoopie pies to go. What? 'Nuff said.

Drink menu

What the joint lacked in libations, it made up for with its wide array of gourmet cocoas, coffees, and Italian sodas. Maybe you can sneak in some Kahlua and go to town.


Mayan Cocoa

The Mexican hot cocoa spiced with cinnamon.

Fried chicken and waffle!

Chicken and waffles. Nothing wrong with that. Ain't that right Luda?

”]Fried french toast
Steak & Eggs

A crew member gets the steak and eggs pretty much everywhere we go. No exception here. Dude likes what he likes. Dig it.


Special Eggs Benedict

My dish was the Eggs Benedict with chorizo instead of Canadian bacon, and blue corn cakes replaced the traditional English muffin. Slap some Tabasco on it and call it day. Delish.

Isn't that purrty.

If if wasn’t for the fact that they desperately need a liquor license… it would have scored higher. However, that being the case, it gets 3 out of 5 (virgin) Bellinis.

Review By: @QNSbandito

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3 Responses to Brooklyn Label in Greenpoint, BK

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  2. Alisa says:

    The “fried french toast” is actually called grand marnier french toast.

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