Lasagna in Midtown Manhattan

This week we went to Lasagna on 50th and 2nd Ave.  You can find their menu at .  Word of warning, brunch if $5 more than what it says on the website.

Some shots of Lasagna

That being said everyone seemed very happy with their food.  While we were waiting for our food (and it was a fairly long wait but the drinks were flowing so it was OK, more on that later) we were treated with some pesto garlic bread which was pretty tasty.

With Bellini's and Pesto Garlic Bread

As for the main course, the Vermont Scramble was very tasty.  We recommend getting the fresh ground pepper on top, it really added to the flavor.  It was more like a frittata than an omlette, so if you are looking for a standard omlette you might be disappointed.

Lauren and Leon had the vermont scramble. Eggs with bacon, tomato and cheese. Also great with the fresh ground pepper.

The steak and eggs were lean but not very flavorful, probably the least impressive of everything that was ordered.

Matt's steak and eggs. He didn't really like it. Thought the steak "tasted like water".

The blueberry pancakes were AMAZING, everyone at the table was taking swipes at my plate.  The menu says they have blueberry syrup as well, but when I asked for it they didn’t know what I was talking about.

@knickofsanity and @Moe_moNYC got the blueberry pancakes. They were redonkulious. SO good!

@knickofsanity's massive side of sausage. Two Bucks!

Catt and @NYC_Girl had the shrimp and scallop frittata. Yum!

@mieko831's sweet italian frittata. She thought it was really good. Especially with the fresh ground pepper.

The place was full but not overcrowded.  We didn’t make a reservation and the table was available when we got there.  After our last excursion it was nice not to have to wait forever to sit down.  It was a lively crowd, a few birthday parties and everyone was nice and liquored up.  It was a little loud, but not so much that it was annoying.

The wait staff was friendly and they were very attentive to our alcoholic needs.  We opted for the all you can drink option and our drinks never got to the bottom of the glass.  We never got any water and a couple of us were pretty dehydrated by the time we left, but that was partly our fault for not asking.  We recommend the bellinis, they were very good.

Overall we give Lasagna 4 out of 5 bellinis.

Review By: @knickofsanity
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