57 Napoli Pizza e Vino – Midtown Manhattan

57 Napoli Pizza e Vino – Located at 120 East 57th Street (upstairs) http://www.57napoli.com/

57 Napoli

Half of our group took a trip to 57 Napoli on a Saturday around 1pm. When we sat down, there were two other tables seated, so this place was fairly empty. Typically, this is not a good sign in NYC. Next came the menus and some bad news. The website for 57 Napoli is apparently 6 months old and they no longer have an unlimited drink special. Instead you have your standard options of two Mimosa’s  (although the menu said one).

Mimosa's were small compared to other brunch places

After getting the bad news, we decided to stay and took a look at the menu to see what we wanted. The menu itself had your standard brunch fare along with Napoli’s specialty brunch pizzas. Knowing that their specialty was brunch pizzas, we all instead ordered pancakes or waffles and mimosas. I have to think this was a mistake on our part because the food was forgettable. I didn’t think the food was bad, but I did think it was bland for the most part, even the bacon. Which is kind of amazing.  The mimosas were mixed well and were pretty good though.

The wait staff was nice but slow. Surprising considering that this place was still empty by the time we were leaving. They were slow in taking our food/drink orders, slow in clearing our table and slow in asking if we were done and wanted the check. The wait staff seemed to mostly hang out at the back of the restaurant.

As I mentioned in the intro, this place was empty. It stayed that way throughout our meal. There’s not much to say about the décor. Like the food, it was bland. It was quiet and smelled of pizza the entire time.

Overall, I think we made a mistake in not ordering their brunch pizzas. Unfortunately though, I don’t think we’ll be going back to try them with all the other brunch places in the city, combined with the so/so service, limited drinks and bland food.

We give 57 Napoli 2 out of 5 Bellinis.

Review By: Matt

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