MexiQ in Astoria, Queens

This weekend we decided to give Queens a try, we visited MexiQ located at 37-11 30th Ave in Astoria. Take a peek at their menu .



We all liked the decor and atmosphere. We were seated in the rear of the restaurant in a semi-sectioned off space. We sat at a huge wooded bench table which is great to accommodate a large group. Located at the end of the table on the wall was a flat screen television, which had a waterfall in front of it. So basically you had to look through the waterfall to see the television which was kinda interesting and relaxing.

photo 2

the walls are exposed brick with pictures of beers hanging up

photo 3

the fireplaces along the wall created a nice ambiance


our table

photo 1

the light fixture above our table

Ok, so now onto the eats!!!

@Moe_moNYC , @NYC_Girl and @Mieko831 we all had the french toast, which had a frosted flakes crust- they were “GRRREAT”! The bread was not as thick as advertised on the menu though. It was also served with 2 fried eggs, fresh berries, and bacon. The biggest downside was they did not ask how we wanted our eggs, so they all were over-easy.


French Toast

@QNSbandito ordered “The hangover Cure” – Crispy corn tortillas simmered in salsa verde and salsa roja, layered with pulled chicken and chorizo and topped with 2 fried eggs. The appearance of the “Cure” did not look so appetizing – under the eggs was a jumble mess. Well, we did judge the book by its cover and it was the total opposite. @QNSbandito really enjoyed the “Cure” !!!!


The Hangover Cure


Although it didn't look appetizing, it was quite tasty.

Matt and @knickofsanity both ordered the Breakfast Quesadilla scrambled eggs, white cheddar, pinto beans & shredded chicken. They were not bad, but pretty plain. It could have used some seasoning. @knickofsanity also ordered a side of Chorizo Hash, which had a sweet maple flavor to it. He was disappointed it was not spicy or salty.



Oops, can’t forget about the side of Jalapeno Goat Cheese Cornbread. One word  = Yum! However, at $4 for 2 small pieces, it was not worth the money.


jalepeno corn bread

This place had a decent sized crowd and they don’t take reservation FYI. There is a seven dollars option to make your brunch an unlimited booze brunch. The unlimited drinks included a choice of Bloody Mary’s, Margaritas, Mimosas, or Mexican beers, which we have yet to see at other places. The staff was very friendly and never left us with a empty glass – kudos to that.


our glasses were never empty!

Overall rating:  3.5 out of 5 bellinis

Review By: @Moe_moNYC

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2 Responses to MexiQ in Astoria, Queens

  1. teener says:

    Chilaquiles (a.k.a. hangover cure) are a Mexican breakfast staple. Try the ones at Diablo Royale on Ave A. They’re KILER with a side of the house Mexican “crema”. Best I’ve had in the city. No AYCD tho =[

  2. Ahhhh– good to know. Cheers – @QNSbandito

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