Thor – Lower East Side

The group went to Thor in the Rivington Hotel (107 Rivington on the Lower East Side);  Joonbug sent out an e-mail blast to promote Thor’s weekend brunch.  We made a 2 PM reservation for a Saturday to check it out.

thor outside


When we showed up at 2, there was no hostess to greet us.  We told the bartender that the party was there and she asked us to wait in the lounge area.  Cut to 2:20… I go and stand at the head of the restaurant for about 5 minutes until I have to ask a bus boy if anyone else actually works there.  Then, the guy who made the reservation came over and asked how he could help.  I didn’t even know he worked there!  I’m wondering why he watched me stand there for several minutes before saying anything…  I told him that my friends and I had been waiting for a while and asked what the hold up was.  He proceeded to stroke my arm and say “Just 5 minutes, sweetie. They’re setting up the table”.  Skeeve!

the bar inside Thor

13 minutes later, I go back up to ask why we are still waiting.  He says they are still setting up the table.  I ask what is taking so long.  They’re seriously putting table together and putting down napkins…. In the end, we didn’t get seated until about 2:40 (40 minutes after reservation time).

Thor Dining


The service did not improve much once we were seated.  We had to ask for everything from menus to water, drinks, etc.

This is supposed to be an unlimited drinks brunch and they couldn’t find their champagne so we had to start with screwdrivers.  After a while, we asked if they had found their champagne and it was a miracle that they had.

I must say that the atmosphere of the place was pretty cool.  Food was good, drinks were ok (bellinis sucked though – go for mimosas or screwdrivers).  If the service wasn’t ass, we would consider going back.

We kept having to ask for refills on the drinks, which they were very slow in bringing.  We felt bad for the “server” because she was really the bartender.  Backtrack – no hostess and now no real server.   Don’t know why they would e-mail blast their brunch when they don’t even have the crew to serve it….

Since we felt bad for server lady, we still gave a good tip.  We paid all in cash and included the tip at the same time.  BIG MISTAKE!  Once they had their money, the bus boy started to clear our plates (some people weren’t even done eating!) and asked us to leave or go to the lounge if we wanted to finish our drinks.  It was about 4:15 and brunch ended at 4.  So they made us wait for 40 minutes to sit… 10 minutes for menus… 20 minutes to take our order and then they wanted to kick us out!  I wish we could have gotten some our tip money back.  They were so rude!

We finally gathered our things and sat in the lounge to finish the rest of our drinks.  We were there for about 10 minutes and then they shut off the lights around the area.  We stormed out and bought candy across the street at Economy Candy (highly recommended).

Break down: decent food and drinks, but horrendous service and they kicked us out after making us wait for over an hour just to eat.  Will never go back there.  There are too many unlimited drinks brunches in the city.

Overall rating: 1 out of 5 Bellinis


Review By: LoJo

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1 Response to Thor – Lower East Side

  1. Nicole says:

    That sucks that you guys had that kind of experience! Thor’s one of our favorite brunch places. But not for the service–it sucks so much that it’s become a comedy to my husband and I. We love their omlets and the empty atmosphere when we go. Which is usually around 11:30. Definitely appreciate your review, though.

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