Blue Fin – Times Square

Blue Fin – Times Square, NYC
Located in the W Hotel, Times Square; 1567 Broadway

Outside of Blue Fin

Seven of us decided to try Blue Fin in the W Hotel, Times Square.  While outside was hustling and bustling with tourists, inside was serene with interesting architectural details and decorations.  The place was fancier than we’re used to for brunch, but the prices were pretty good considering location, food and overall ambiance.

View from entrance

Our waiter was very upbeat as he delivered the various specials for the day.  The service from said waiter was attentive for most of the meal.  He refilled water, coffee and the scrumptious bread basket, brought awesome little ketchups and hot sauces when asked and was very pleasant in general.  As the restaurant started to fill up; however, we had to wait longer for things and practically had to beg for the check at the end of our meal.  We didn’t hold it against him too much because it seemed that he had a ton of tables to cover and he was really trying his best to get to everyone.

Brunch items at Blue Fin come with coffee or tea and your choice of 1 other beverage (blood mary, mimosa, screwdriver, bellini or juice).  The teas came with their own mini kettles and fancy tea bags.  Most of us chose bellinis for our alchi bev.  These were definitely made with good champagne and tasted delicious.  @Moe_moNYC was not so happy with his screwdriver due to lack of vodka.

Now the food!  The bread basket they offered (and refilled) was quite delicious.  They even gave cute butter tins with each basket.

Yummy breads

@Knickofsanity and I both decided to try the soups.  He got the lobster bisque while I decided to try the special, which was New England clam chowder.  I was actually quite confused when the soups arrived because it was just lumps of stuff in a shallow bowl.  Little did I know that a waiter was about to arrive to pour the actual “soup” part of our soup into our bowls over the solid part.  Quite creative.
@Knickofsanity thought the lobster bisque was just ok because it was a bit bland.

So-so Lobster Bisque

I loved the clam chowder.  The fact that there was bacon in it was kind of awesome.

Delicious New England Clam Chowder

For the entrées, @Knickofsanity was the rogue member of the group by deciding to go with sushi.  The fish was fresh and the combinations/selection was inventive.

Creative sushi offerings

Catt had the veggie omelet which was pretty good.  The omelet was stuffed with a variety of veggies, but ended up being a bit plain.  The potatoes the omelet came with were very good.

Veggie omelet

The egg white omelet was also good and stuffed with delicious goat cheese (yum!), ham and green peppers.

Egg White Omelet

I went with the jumbo egg sandwich which had ham, cheddar, sweet peppers and caramelized onions on an oversized, homemade english muffin.  The english muffin was awesome, as was the ham and cheese.  The veggies were cooked into the egg, which was kind of a distraction, so I ate that first and then had my ham and cheese on the english muffin afterwards…  The fresh fruit the dish came with was a nice touch.

Jumbo Egg Sandwich w/fruit

@Moe_moNYC had what I initially wanted: the banana pecan french toast.  It sounded delicious and looked even better when it arrived.  @Moe_moNYC; however, was disappointed with the flavor, as well as the fact that the bananas and pecans weren’t actually cooked into the French toast, but were just on top.  Sharita liked the French toast more than he did.

Sharita main dish was the eggs benedict, which was good, but not overly special.  If she goes back to Blue Fin, she’ll have the french toast all to herself.

Banana Pecan French Toast

Matt went with the belgian waffle with fresh fruit on it.  He thought it was tasty.  His side of bacon was also good.

Belgian Waffle w/ Bacon

Lindsey had the eggs benedict which was very tasty.

Eggs Bennie

Overall, everyone was quite pleased with the Blue Fin experience.

Ambiance – 4.5 out of 5 Bellinis

Service – 4 out of 5 Bellinis

Food – 4 out of 5 Bellinis

Review by: Lauren

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