ACME Bar and Grill – NoHo

OK, OK, a little delayed, but in March a few of the @brunchaholics crew members decided to chow down on some Southern and Cajun style food at ACME Bar and Grill on Great Jones street in the NoHo section of the city.

If you’re looking to keep that slim waist line… stop reading. Everyone else who likes biscuits, cornbread, gravy, hot sauce and overall Southern cuisine…. continue.

Corn bread greets you as you sit and order a cocktail which is part of the $11.95 Brunch menu (11:30am-3:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays).

So after I stuffed my face with some cornbread and washed it down with a cold mimosa, I decided to go for the Huevos Rancheros… and well, it tasted just like it looks. Not the prettiest, not the tastiest. The eggs, cheddar, and red beans were blah. A purist, I was expecting refried beans and oaxaca cheese, but sadly, this “southern” version completely missed the mark. Not even the gallon of hot sauce I poured on top helped it out… pity.

Moving on, it seems that the one dish which always leaves us smiling are buttermilk pancakes. ACME was no exception. They were fluffy, sweet, and came with a side of hickory bacon or Jimmy Dean sausage. Perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors sure pick you up for the rest of day…. or put you in a food coma haze. Either way, you win.

The ACME omelette came with 3 fillings (mixture of meats and veggies– including okra!) and came with a side of home fries and bacon. It was non-offensive. A good choice if omelettes are your thing.

The chicken fried steak came with grits, gravy, and home fries!

Ahhh, and then there was The Bulldog. A few people in the group got this bad boy which consisted of two eggs, served up on buttermilk biscuits and Jimmy Dean sausage, with homemade gravy, cheese grits and home fries. If you’re not immediately sold, then check your pulse.

Definitely not an AYCD joint, but mimosas, bloody’s, juices, or a Rolling Rock came with the meal.

The joint has a cool, vibey interior with old gas station and roadside type decorations. The walls are also lined with hundreds of different bottles of hot sauce… which even impressed me, a hot sauce collector. They even have their own blend which was on sale for $5 a bottle. Tasty.

3 out of 5 Bellinis is the verdict

(UPDATE: 2 days after our visit, Eater reported that Acme was closing. Conflicting reports say that they are only closed for renovations.)

‘Til the next, @astoriabandito

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