Blend – LIC

WARNING: the following contains a pretty harsh review… parental advisory is suggested…

Oh, Blend… we wanted to like you… we really did.

The brunchaholics ventured into Long Island City (LIC) for brunch, and arrived at Blend. At first glance, the place looked vibey and fun. It’s a small place, but with it’s high ceilings, cool lighting, and art, it feels spacious.

We were led to our table… and then, it was all downhill. Once we were seated our waiter was gone, rarely to come again. We waited almost 20 minutes to order drinks… and then we waited again. We could SEE our pitchers of sangria sitting on the bar getting watered down, but none of the servers seemed to notice. We were tempted to get up and bring them to our table ourselves, but we try not to seem impatient or rude. Twenty minutes after our drinks were ordered, they arrived and we ordered our food (this was the second time we saw our waiter).

Conversation was flowing, but we were hungry. Our food took nearly 45 minutes to arrive. We quickly snapped pictures before we dug into our food. The food was okay, but did not make up for the wait. We ordered…

banana pancakes – came with chorizo – great idea…

the big burrito – ingredients tasted fresh, but came out luke-warm…

the breakfast burrito – tasty, but barely warm. it came with fries which were sparse, but they weren’t that great anyways…

the arepas benedictos – came on white corn cakes, with a cilantro hollandaise sauce. great concept, but nothing to brag about. also came out luke-warm.

the huevos rancheros – another unimpressive interpretation of this classic dish. great if done right… but this didn’t cut it. another barely warm plate…

the turkey and spinach omelet – hard to do wrong – but could have been hot.

we also got a side of sweet potato fries. the came out barely warm, oily, and limp.

We weren’t hungry anymore, but the frustration was still brewing. We asked for the bill and, or course, there were problems. We should have had a discount for checking in on foursquare, it was not there. We should have had free juice or coffee with our entree purchases, we were charged for 3 juices. It took us nearly 15 minutes to get this situation dealt with.

The only saving grace for this brunch was the sangria. It was delish, but not worth the headache and frustration of this place.


Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 Bellinis (the place has potential… i gotta give it to them)

Service: ZERO Bellinis. That’s right – 0 out of 5 Bellinis. 

Food: 1 out of 5 Bellinis

We will NOT be returning to Blend… 

reviewed by: @mieko831

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