Mojave – Astoria Queens

Mojave – Located at 22-36 31st Street, Astoria NY

It was bad weather out so @Astoria_bandito @Knickofsanity @Mieko831 Catt and Lindsey kept it local and went to Mojave.

The decor and atmosphere was very cool.  Lots of interesting things to look at like this:

@Astoria_bandito, Catt, and @Knickofsanity got the unlimited drinks for 1 1/2 hours option which I believe was $12.  The drinks were good and strong.  They also have a drink called The Punisher which is Tequila mixed with habanero peppers.  A lot of them.  We were tempted to take the challenge; if you take it and sit for 5 minutes without eating or drinking anything (or barfing) you go up on the wall of fame and the drink is free.  If you don’t make it you go on the wall of shame.  We asked the waiter about it and he said no one has done it yet and that it would ruin our day.  We’re thinking of going back on a Friday night and trying it.

My issue with the drink special was that our cups were empty a lot.  Not that we were drinking a lot, it’s just it took a while for the waiter to check on our drinks (and the place wasn’t that busy).  Every time he asked if we wanted another one instead of just refilling it.  This included after my first drink.  Like, I want to pay $12 for one sangria.  Of course I want another drink!

OK on to the food.  The menu online is slightly different from the menu at the restaurant.  We got two starters.  The guacamole:


Yup, there's some guac behind those tomoatos

For ten bucks you’d think there would be more guacamole.  Half the plate was sour cream, 1/4 guac and 1/4 tomatos.  Not the best deal.

We also got the Three Beef Hash (pastrami, roast beef, corn beef with poached egg)


This…hash had a good taste, but when I think of meat and potatoes in a gravy I think of stew, not hash.  Even though it was good it was disappointing as I was expecting more of a traditional type of hash.

On to the main courses:

@Mieko831 got the breakfast burrito.  This was compared to a McDonalds breakfast burrito.  Not awful, just very plain.  The potatoes that came with it were pretty awful though.  They were hash browns but they were soggy and mushy.

Catt got something called the energy omlette.

Egg whites, a bunch of veggies, not bad.  Potatoes were very plain, but not as mushy and gross as @Mieko831‘s.  The menu said every egg dish comes with sourdough bread which I was excited about, but Catt was the only one who got bread and I believe it was two plain pieces of white bread.  If it was sourdough bread it was horrible sourdough bread because it tasted like white bread.

@knickofsanity got the Silver Dollar Blueberry Pancakes with lemon cream cheese and fresh berries.

Blueberry pancakes with LEMON cream cheese. Key work LEMON

Again the pancakes were pretty plain.  After the ones at Lasagna you can imagine my disappointment.  The lemon cream cheese which was in between the pancakes, making three pancake sandwiches was extremely lemony.  It overpowered all the other flavors and I don’t think I’ll want to eat anything with lemon in it for at least 6 months.

There were two kinds of eggs benedict and @Astoria_bandito accidentally ordered the one without meat so added a side of ham to it.  The benny was pretty good, the habanero  hollandaise sauce was really good.  The ham was pretty bad.

Lindsey, in her first outing with us totally lucked out.  She got the vanilla bean french toast and it was divine.  Everyone at the table was jealous.  Can’t say enough good things about the french toast.


We give Mojave

Ambiance – 4 out of 5 Bellinis

Service – 2 1/2 out of 5 Bellinis

Food – 1.5 out of 5 Bellinis

Review by: @Knickofsanity

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